Our Ecosystem

International Alliances

We are one of the few private insurance companies in Europe, but our independence does not mean we stand alone. Our success is built upon a strong partnership network throughout Europe.


Strong and Diversified Shareholding

More than 20 shareholders (including private persons and legal entities) from six different countries provide the capital to run and grow our business. No shareholder holds more than 10% on share capital, but the founder Siegfried Fatzi has his share since inception, and some of the shareholders are also members of the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board.

Reinsurance Financing Consortium

A consortium of leading reinsurers provides financing capacity to support our rapid international expansion. This provides us with sufficient liquidity to allow dynamic business development, thus reducing risk-based capital requirements. Our stable reinsurance partners have shared knowledge in areas such as medical underwriting and claims management, which has further deepened our relationships. This cooperation with reinsurance companies has been supplemented by cooperation with Insurance-Linked-Security providers.

Extensive Network

Strong partnerships with in-country experts are critical as we adapt and expand into new markets. Our success relies upon local distribution partners who have deep networks and a solid understanding of market trends and opportunities.

We have used the friendship and support of thought leaders across banking, investing, insurance/reinsurance, audit, and law to keep us focused on executing the full potential of the business.

Board of Directors

Supervisory Board

Karel Zvolský, Vice-Chairman, Employee representative

Štefan Gyurik, Member, Employee representative

Kristína Kupková, Member, Employee representative

Eva GallováMember

Deborah SturmanMember

Slobodan RisticMember

Stanislav KamenárMember

Freimut DobretsbergerMember

Careers at NOVIS

What defines us?

As still a young insurance company we are fully focused on adapting to our client's evolving needs, enabling us to protect and grow their wealth over a lifetime.

Our ambition is to become a client's main financial partner – reducing the need for separate insurance, investment, and banking products.

Our mission is to create a multifunctional portfolio of financial/insurance products that clients trust and will recommend to family and friends. In addition, we are committed to building a company where employees are proud to work and stakeholders are attracted by the long-term perspective of the company.

In addition to the employee benefits (such as MultiSport cards, flexible working hours, the possibility of a Home Office, or insurance for employees), we focus mainly on the added value of our five employee pillars.

Through teamwork we shine

Teamwork matters to us. We aim at excelling through unity, differing perspectives, and improved efficiency within our trustworthy working environment. Mutual support, encouragement, and cooperation provide synergy and productivity to our organization.


Challenge inside, inspire outside

Giving power and autonomy into our employee's hands reflects on NOVIS' corporate vision and its inner culture. Assist people to express creativity, innovative perspectives, and eagerness into their everyday actions, so they feel accountable and motivated. The desired outcome is to make the best use out of their potential, experience, and knowledge. We challenge ourselves to insure others.

Become your personal influencer

Exposing our talents to become their personal influencers. We believe that throughout necessary training and extra-curricular activities we enhance our employee’s overall performance but mainly build their confidence and show that they are valued. This improves employee’s morale and ensures quality standards. We grant access to training, so our employees feel appreciated and challenged.

Thrive to infinity

At NOVIS we have established a secure environment for an extensive number of career opportunities. An environment where people take the possibility of growing in their career and where they are welcome to bring their true selves. We aim at reducing employee turnovers by maintaining a proactive, professional, and reliable environment.

The secret of excellence

At NOVIS an extremely dynamic system operates where each activity affects the other and everyone inside the company understands the importance of mutual collaboration. Our employees challenge themselves to perform their best, are goal-oriented, and are directed to clients' needs. This has resulted from creating a secure, vibrant, valuable, and friendly working atmosphere. In return, we award our employees with beneficial support.

Who are we looking for now?

Back-end developer

We are always looking for clever and talented people who want to create something and learn new things. If you want to become a part of NOVIS, but none of the published job positions suits you, do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address kariera@novis.eu