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Different & Adaptive

Having the advantage of being a young insurance company we bring to the market the capability to best serve the ever-changing needs of our clients. Adaptability, our core competence, enables us to protect and grow their wealth over a lifetime in a superior manner. It's our ambition is to become a clients' primary financial management partner - reducing the need for separate insurance or investment products. 

Our mission is to create a portfolio of financial/insurance products that clients like, trust, and will recommend to family and friends. In addition, we are committed to building a company where employees love to work, and stakeholders fall in love with the way we give our clients peace of mind. 

Innovative Insurance Products

We have founded the company to bring to the market dozens of innovations to increase value and transparency for clients. Among others, we can provide families with death, critical illness, accident, and disability coverages all under one contract which is flexible enough to adapt as their circumstances change over a lifetime. 

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Diverse & Impactful Funds

Clients seeking to grow their wealth over the long term have access to a range of diverse investment options. Choice of insurance funds can be individually determined to match a range of investor types and needs. And, as with everything that is NOVIS, can be changed anytime, all the time.

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Successful & Ambitious

During our first decade, we experienced rapid international expansion and impressive financial growth.


Established in 2013, we have operated profitably already since our second year on the market and growth continues to persist year after year.

We have headquarters in Bratislava and serve our clients currently in eleven European countries. We do not employ a network of tied agents, but rather prefer to cooperate with well-established distribution partners in each market who bring the value of our innovative solutions to their clients.

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Multinational from inception, we have more than 20 shareholders from six different countries. A consortium of leading reinsurers from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Bermuda provides financing capacity to support our rapid international expansion. In addition to this time-proven cooperation, we secured significant financial facilities from insurance-linked-security providers.

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We currently serve clients in 11 European countries: Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, and Sweden.

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